The Biaxial Design of our Software

All of our software stands out because of its Biaxial Design interconnected through predefined rules as set in our proprietary Business Model known as the Controller Business Model, (C.B.M.).


The Business Model itself provides the Building Blocks and sets Behavioral Rules that may refer to any type of business and applied to its Services and or Products. The two unique areas we focus our design are:

1st Axis of Design - Managing and Organizing the Company.

Here we focus our attention on processes that could be used by any type of companies - large or small - regardless of products and/or services offered. Thus procedures such as the ones described below provide our first design target and are exactly the same in all software developed by EiS.

2nd Axis of Design - Defining and Managing the Products and Services of the Company

In this area our design efforts focus on the company’s Products and Services and the way they are sold or rented. Thus software modules that deal with products and/or services differ in the various types of our software design.