The Praxis™ Therapon™ for General Practitioners

Therapon™ is a medical management software package designed exclusively for General Practitioners and Physicians of various specialities. It was designed and developed in Switzerland and was upgraded in Greece, taking into account the requirements of modern medicine. Physicians of different specialties contributed to its development. Therapon™ is the basic Software tool to manage your Medical Practice.

"Praxis™ Therapon™ is so simple to use that increases the Clinical Time to the Benefit of your Patients."

The open architecture design of Therapon™ and the embedded rules of our business model, (CBM™), classify it as a fairly satisfactory tool for Physicians that recently started their medical practices.

It is distributed freely and paves the way for the ideal software tool to get full control of your Medical Practice which is none other than our own flagship ERP program named ePraxis™.

Most of you get in touch with us and request a demo. We offer you a much better solution!

"Download and make use of the program Anonymously and FREE here!"

The User’s Guide and Technical Advice are incorporated into the Installer.

We hope that our gesture to distribute Praxis™ Therapon™ freely is to have positive effects on the management of your medical practice and to the benefit of your patients.

"We wish you good and constructive use of the program ... and waiting for your comments!"