Our Partners

As far as we are concerned we have only one target with regards to our Partners.

“Our Target is to provide Support to our customers even if they are geographically located away from the base of our company.”

The role of partner is very important and is associated with our growth.

Our Strict Definition of a Partner

  • One who will be at the Customer’s Premises within 3 hours from the time a call is placed.
  • One who is well trained and in cooperation with us will offer 100% Technical Support to the Customer
  • One who has the ability and vision to realize the current and future customer needs and to convey them to us for implementation.

From our side we provide the freedom to the partner to set its pricing terms with regards to the services offered to its customers as long as the above 3 conditions are met in full.

We invest seriously in the search and subsequent certification of such partners. If you believe that such a partner could be you, we would be completely at your disposal for an acquaintance. For a possible partnership, please click here.


Medical Suppliers

One of our pricing policy innovations is what we call “Advertising Partners”. All modules in our freely distributed single user medical software are able to organize and manage “Orders to Suppliers” with a good degree of stock control. The “Advertising Suppliers” are now able to offer their customers a gift with our freely distributed single user medical software with their products built-in into the software database.

Under this method both the “Advertising Supplier” and its Doctor Customer benefit in more than one ways. To name but few, product catalogues become obsolete and mistakes in ordering from the doctor are eliminated. An “Advertising Supplier” in no way is expected to provide technical support nor to charge the customer for the use of the program offered.

The process for which a doctor may order medical supplies through the use of our software is so simple as few mouse clicks!

On the printout Order List the sale item's code, description, quantity etc. are clearly displayed and thus mistakes are eliminated. It also saves valuable time for you in completing the order and delivery to your customer.

If the above sounds as a good idea for you, please get in touch with us here.