FAQ - Medical Aspects of the Praxis™ Modules

Praxis™ 9s Odon™ - Dentists

How do I Manage a Patient's Medical File in Praxis™ 9s Odon™ ?

With almost ... Zero Typing! Seven Medical Forms from the Kapodistrian Dental University of Athens are embedded into the program. They are being constantly updated by your fellow dentists for better use.

Praxis™ 9s Orthon™ - Orthodontists

Which Cephalometric Methods are Embedded into the Program ?

Cephalometric Analysis in Orthon™ is 100% Parameterized. You may design and synthesize your own for every individual patient of yours. Almost all known Cephalometric Parameters are embedded into the program.

Praxis™ 9s Therapon™ - General Practitioners

Apart from the Medical Forms in Therapon™ I would like to have my own designed ones. How can I do that?

We would be happy to add for you as many forms as you would like. It will take us 1 to 2 days for one medical form to be implented, (Α4 size print-out). The following 3 steps are necessary:

  • Implement the Medical Form into the Source Code
  • Design the appropriate database table
  • Quality Control

Such a service is value at €350/day.

Praxis™ 9s Physion™ - Physiotherapists

I would like to register my own Diagnoses. Can I do that ?