Download and Use Praxis™ 9s Physion™ for Physiotherapists Anonymously and FREE!

Download here the file (zipped). It Contains the following:

  • Instructions to Use the Program for the very First Time.
  • What You Should Know in Order to Manage the Database.
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • The Users Manual of Praxis™ 9s Physion™ in a PDF Document.
  • The Praxis™ 9s Physion™ Installer Manager.

Please download and unzip into a folder in your PC or a Memory Stick. There is only one executable file, Setup_Ph9s.exe, that is the Installer Manager. Run it and follow the instructions on your screen.

Download File Information

  • (????? KB)
  • Date Issued : ?? January 2010
  • Latin Version : Languages: English, Dutch, French and German
  • Designed for Windows® 32 bit Operating Systems.


You may Optionaly purchase your Personalized Security File here for a fee of €50 to activate your personal data and your logo on the printouts of the program.

Thank you for your Interest in our products.