Presentation of ePraxis™

A Brief Preview

The transformation path of the standard version of our medical software in its current form completely parameterized and 100% relational was tough and long but constructive.

It has being evolved and developed ovet the past 6 years, (2004~2010), within the Greek National Insurance Body, (TYPET), under the guidance of Dr. Constantine Tsokas, Director of one of the Best Dental Center in Europe that happens to be 100% his conception and implementation. The Dental Center employs 55 Medical Doctors of all types of expertise and an equal number of assistants and managerial staff all over Greece that together provide medical services to 53,000 insured members.

Over its 6 years of continuous development ePraxis™ has evolved into a flexible E.R.P., (Enterprise Resource Planning), system capable in responding to continuous procedural changes with ease. The simple end user interface of ePraxis™ and its optimized database provide a software platform to be used by all types of personnel regardless of their familiarity with computer systems.

"ePraxis™ Controlled Management Procedures together with its ease of handling provide the means for Optimized Clinical Time to the Benefit of its Patients and Insured Members"

ePraxis™ Technical and Qualitative Characteristics

We have grouped the ePraxis™ characteristics into the following 2 main sections in order for the reader to be able to relate and extract the necessary information.