Commercial Sector - Sales Management

Presentation of the CSM™

We designed and developed the Sales Management Software System called Controlled Sales Management, (CSM™), for the Commercial Sector. Its name itself indicates the need for quality control management that may be used by inexperienced as well as experienced users.

Complex mechanisms in sales management are translated into simple procedures through the User interface.

"This establishes CSM™ as an indispensable tool for everyday operations"

The design philosophy of the CSM™ is based on our Business Model CBM and follows its behavioral rules which in turn become the building blocks to develop quality relationships and controlled processes adapted to any commercial environment.

The 4 Building Blocks in CSM™ are:

  1. External Supplier Management
  2. Managing the Company and its Subsidiaries
  3. Sales Network Management and
  4. Managing the Customer and any of its Subsidiaries


Your company may or may not have developed a Sales Network. The functionality of the CSM™ is so simple that even without a sales network daily operations are handled as easily. When you decide to start developing a sales network, CSM™ will be there ready for you to organize and manage such a task without having to search for a different solution to your management needs.

We have separated the presentation of CSM™ in the following two sections in order for you to get a better understanding.

Our efforts are focused on offering our Services to you the customer through our software systems. We would be happy to present CSM™ to you at a future meeting and provide any further information that you might need.