Using and Connecting to Databases

We designed a Simple and Integrated database for our entire software portfolio. This database is designed for Vertical Growth in order to incorporate any new subsystems that our customers may require in the future.

"The Biaxial Design allows us to Develop software for different Business backgrounds in Record Time!"

Our priority criteria in selecting and designing the database were:

  • Handling Large Amounts of Data with Ease.
  • The Speed, Security and Clarity with which our Software would meet the Requirements of Multiple Users.

For the above stated reasons we have chosen the database Oracle® 10g for large enterprises and Oracle®/XE for small and medium sized customers. Small and Medium Size companies, (SME’s), may start with Oracle®/XE and as their need to manage larger volumes of data increase they can move to Oracle® 10g.

"Due to our Database Design the Transition to Oracle® 10g from Oracle®/XE does NOT Require any Effort whatsoever!"

The Database for the Single User License Products

For the single user versions of our software we use the Borland Database Engine, (BDE), which is distributed free and turned it into a beast of Quality and Zero Maintenance. Moreover, we have minimized the data size. You may now utilize our software with the database installed in an external Memory Stick.