Commercial Sector

Sales Management

The Sales Management software package called CSM™ is designed specifically for all those companies that focus on sales and/or resale of Goods as well as for the Rental and/or Leasing products and services.

CSM™ makes use of the Oracle® 10g database available in two versions:

  • The Oracle® 10g is the paid-up version that can manage huge amounts of data. Refers to companies or chains of companies with large sales volume.
  • The Oracle®/XE is basically the same as the Oracle® 10g, but is distributed freely and of course has some limitations. The most important limitation refers to the maximum size of data it can handle and that is 4Gb. Refers to medium and small size companies.

Our software design policy in EiS was, is and will continue to be:

"Consistent and Unified User Interface across all of our software programs and that includes the database design as well!"

The optimized database design is exactly the same for both database versions. The result of this policy brings numerous advantages to private users and medium to small size companies.

"Private Users and Medium to Small Size Companies using CSM™ can Grow and Expand their Sales without having to change or upgrade their computer systems!"

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