Presentation of the Praxis™ 9s - (Free Distribution)

The Standard Edition of our medical package called Praxis™, was designed initially for the management of Single Chaired Medical Practices. Two versions have being released addressing Single and Multi byte systems for the Windows® operating systems. The Latin version bears the code "9s" and uses the Borland Database Engine, (BDE). This medical package was sold for €2,500 until the end of November 2009. Due to our new pricing policy the same package fully updated is now distributed freely!

The Key Points of the Praxis™ 9s

The Characteristics of Praxis™ 9s

Praxis™ is a dynamic and transparent tool that allows:

"To Organize and Manage your Medical Practice Entirely with almost Zero Typing"

What makes Praxis™ a unique tool lies in its Simplicity. Any required actions to be taken and procedures to follow are extremely quick and accurate. To book a visit over the phone takes only 10 seconds! Issuing a Medical Offer or an Invoice is achieved with no effort and with almost zero typing!

Praxis™ is designed in such a way that is independent of any government guidelines and regulations. It has built-in advanced health management rules such as those of Switzerland and Belgium, (TARMED).

Praxis™ 9s Ease of Use

Physicians and their assistants with little or no experience in use of applications in the Windows® environment can use Praxis™ as easy as experienced users do from the very first time. You will need approximately 2 to 3 hours training to use Praxis™.

There are No Menus and any information you need at any moment is right before your eyes! Outside of your personal medical notes and data entry for a new patient, any other procedures are performed with the use of the mouse and require almost zero typing.

Praxis™ is multilingual. With the touch of a button you change the language for communication and invoicing for your foreign speaking patients who may need them in their country of origin. The main dictionary as well as the Medical Dictionary software package give you the opportunity to change the words and phrases at will.

The Praxis™ 9s Optimized Database

The optimized database design minimizes the storage capacity and allows you to install and use the base even on a memory stick for years to come.

Database Back-up procedures are simple to use. Two buttons on the form allow you to maintain and Back-up the database in any storage medium you want instantly.

The Updated Version of Praxis™ 9s

The updated version of Praxis™ is the result of your requests.

"We have listened to you carefully and we have taken into account your daily Medical Practice Needs"

The Updated Version of Praxis™ now offers:

Minimum Requirements for Using Praxis™ 9s

Praxis™ can be used on Windows® 32bit operating systems. The minimum requirements to use Praxis™ are:

We Recommend:

The fastest computer you can buy with enough RAM and disk space. The current price of computers is quite low compared to the price of the program and worth it for such an investment. We also recommend 17''inch screen with the option of 1280 x 1024 pixels.