Systems Integration

We have 18 years of experience in Systems Integration that includes:

  1. Design, Development and Implementation
  2. Database Design
  3. Data Transfer
  4. Interconnecting Third Party Systems, ("Bridging")

This allows us to effectively see-through most of our customer’s requirements and needs that the present software market cannot supply.

Our software design is based on our proprietary business model, (C.B.M.™), that allows us to synthesize and implement most of our customer’s present and future requirements.

For those of you familiar with technical terms you must be aware of the term “Flow Diagram”. Well, for us this is yesterday’s technology! Instead we use what we call “Modularization Synthesis”. Think of it as a set of ready-made subsystems with inherent behavioral characteristics that may be combined and synthesized in such a way as to produce the final integrated system.

“Modularization Synthesis allows us to design and implement software systems in Record Time!”

Designing and Optimizing Databases is another of our very strong points.

When it comes to Systems Integration, for one thing we are absolutely certain and that is …

“We are Committed to Simplicity!”