Frequently Asked Questions for the Freely Distributed Medical Software Praxis™ 9s

General Answers for the Praxis™ Modules

How much does a Praxis™ Module Costs ?

Is Distributed Freely !

What is the Personalized Security File, (PLF) ?

The reliability of our single user medical software remains at high levels. This is why the freely distributed medical software still remains “Protected”. By that we mean that anyone may use it freely and anonymously but the page headings on the various printouts displays a series of question marks and a random logo.

The Personalization of the free medical software systems in order to display the logo and personal details of the user on the printouts is achieved through a paid-up service offered by us for €50.

"The price of €50 is Optional and reflects the time required by us to register and issue a personalized license as well as recuperating part of the €2,000,000 invested over the last 15 years for its development."

Am I Entitled to Technical Support for Praxis™ 9s ?

The free versions are no longer supported by EiS even if the €50 activation fee has being paid for the personalization of the package. However, we invite you to get in touch with us and will try to answer your questions personally.

Call us at (+30) 6938 36 06 36 for any questions you might have and introduce yourself for a first acquaintance.

How many Time Slots per Hour are in the Visit Scheduler ?

1 or 2 or 4 or 12 Time Slots per Hour.

Can I Issue Medical Offers to my Patients ?

Of course ! ... and with almost Zero Typing!

Can I manage Patient Prepayments in Praxis™ ?

Yes! Type the prepaid amount, select the way it is paid, (even if prepayment was paid partly in cash, cheques, bank transfer or credit card) and press the print button!

I use an Endoscopic camera, Digital X-Ray and I also have archived X-Rays on Film. Can I introduce them to Praxis™ ?

Praxis™ does not register digital imagery in the database. It simply registers the path where those imagery files may be located on files in your computer's operating system. With regards to archived X-Rays on film you will need an X-Ray scanner.

I would like to upgrade my free version of Praxis™ to the ERP version ePraxis™. How can I transfer my existing data to the new version and how much will that cost?

The Praxis™ database design is a subset to that of the ERP version ePraxis™. This will require our intervention. However the good news are that due to our Pricing Policy this transfer bears no Costs and is included in our "Services Contract" !

I already have Data from a Previous System I used. How can I transfer my existing data to Praxis™ and how much will that cost?

We would be happy to transfer your existing data for a fee. The fee and transfer process depends on the type of media and database structure used with your previous system. When the time comes for such a transfer please call us for further details and instructions.

How easy can I Maintain and Back Up the Praxis™ Database ?

As easy as pressing two buttons one after the other!

Can I Manage Orders to my Suppliers ?

Of course ! ... and with almost Zero Typing!

You use the term "...Zero Typing". Is this a Joke and what about my Communications ?

We are very serious! Praxis™ includes 3 types of Communication Templates. You prepare them once and use them till the end of time!