Health Sector

We design and develop Medical Software Systems for the Health Sector. We are actively involved in the following two market sectors:

  1. Large Medical Institutions and National Insurance Bodies
  2. Single Medical Practices

Our policy and thus our efforts focus on the unification of both market sectors with one software system that through its Simplicity may be used by both Large Medical Institutions and Single Medical Practices.

Medical E.R.P. Systems for the Health Sector

Our Medical E.R.P. system called ePraxis™ is designed specifically for Medical and Diagnostic Centers as well as Medical Insurance Bodies. Very soon it will be available for Hospitals managing sick bays, (beds) and Operating theaters.

ePraxis™ uses the database supplied by ORACLE® which is available in two forms:

  • The full-blown version of Oracle® 10g - paid-up license - that is capable to manage huge amounts of data with absolute clarity and 100% data protection.
  • The freely distributed Oracle®/XE which is basically the same as the Oracle® 10g, but has some limitations. The most important limitation refers to the maximum size of data it can handle and that is 4Gb.

The ePraxis™ Modules for Large Medical Institutions and Insurance Bodies

General Setup and Parameterization of Data
General Personnel Time Shifts Management
Top Management Control for the use of Visit Schedule by the Personnel
Database Administrator's, (DBA), Tool to manage and control the use of the system's various modules during daily operations.
A series of support tools for the Database Administrator to manage and consult the database.
Support Tool that manages and automates the registration process of the same supplied products from different suppliers.
Database Extraction Tool for extra added security used by the DBA.
Companion to the Database Extraction Tool for Rebuilding or Transferring the whole or part of the database.
Control System for the Entry and Exit of Patients used by the personnel in the reception of the Medical Center interconnected to the Accounts Department module.
Control System used by Insurance Inspectors to manage external medical services on behalf of their insured members.
The Dental Software System used by Dentists.
The Dental Software System used by Orthodontists.
The Dental Software System used by Physiotherapists
The Dental Software System used by the General Practitioners and various other medical personnel of different medical specialities.
Fully Automated Stock Control and Suppliers Management System.
A Global system to manage Accounts and providing Statistics for top management decisions.


The Freely Distributed Single User Medical Software

The standard version of our medical package called Praxis™, was originally designed to manage personal medical practices for Dentists, Orthodontists, General Practitioners and Physiotherapists. It is available in English, Dutch, French, German and Greek. The program’s Dictionaries allow the user to change any word or phrase instantly. The Latin Version bears the code “9s” and uses the Borland Database Engine, (BDE).

Due to a change in our pricing policy this software which until recently was marketed for €2500, it is now distributed FREE of charge and may be used anonymously! Our marketing targets are now focusing towards distributing one simple software system to be used by single medical practices as well as medium to large medical centers.

The Praxis™ Modules

Odon™ 9s
Orthon™ 9s
Therapon™ 9s
General Practitioners and various other Medical Professions
Physion™ 9s