Our Pricing Policy

The End of an Era …

The development and support of the single User Licenses has come to an end after a long period of 15 years. In October 2009 we decided to invest 3 more months in a final effort to upgrade our single user licenses of our Medical software and distribute it for FREE and Anonymously.

… and the Beginning of a New One

During the last 5 years we focused our attention in upgrading our software both technically as well as qualitatively through continuous development of our business model, (CBM™). We introduced new and innovative technologies resulting in a set of unified and highly reliable software systems running side by side with a powerful database. Today our software systems can fully compete with their counterparts from large IT software companies.

Optional Pricing for the Customization of the Freely Distributed Single User Medical Software

The reliability of our single user medical software remains at high levels. This is why the freely distributed medical software still remains “Protected”. By that we mean that anyone may use it freely and anonymously but the page headings on the various printouts displays a series of question marks and a random logo.

The Personalization of the free medical software systems in order to display the logo and personal details of the user on the printouts is achieved through a paid-up service offered by us for €50.

"The price of €50 is optional and reflects the time required by us to register and issue a personalized license as well as recuperating part of the €2,000,000 invested over the last 15 years for its development."

Pricing Policy of our Networked Software Systems

Past experience has shown us that most of you need our support beyond the usual technical support contracts you may have signed with various software houses over the years. Every operational day in your business surfaces issues that need to be addressed individually between you and the software house you are dealing with. What that means is that the software in use needs to be updated constantly and according to your individual needs but not necessarily in the same way, as another’s customer needs.

Taking the above into consideration we have concluded that our software systems, no matter how good and reliable are, without our continuous updates to suit each individual customer’s needs they can only be used as … disposable napkins! This lead to the change in our pricing policy and today…

“We perceive our Software Systems and Distribute them as a “Service Contract” between Each Individual Customer and us”

Our software systems together with our services aim at a better quality service to you that definitely results in better services to your clients for a long lasting relationship.

We are always at your disposal for an initial acquaintance to introduce our services and the same software systems and tools we use that maybe you as a customer will use in the near future.

"The fee for our services and software systems is based on a fixed amount calculated on the number of working license seats and a variable amount that depends on the degree of services you may require from us."

At this point in time we are aware that EiS is a “small” software house but at the same time we have two aces up in our sleeves.

  1. High degree of Quality and Simplicity in the User Interface and Database Design.
  2. We are applying Clayton Christensen’s theory of “Disruptive Innovation”, (click here to read more)

Pricing Policy for Systems Integration

We have 18 years of experience in development and systems integration that allows us to undertake any project that you as a customer may require and cannot locate in the existing pool of software systems available in the market today. We can do just that with the help of our business model, (C.B.M.™) and the tools we have developed.

Our pricing depends on the duration of the project and does not exceed €400 per day. Remember that we do all that with our signature...

Commitment to Simplicity!


Explanatory Terms

“Single User Licenses”

Refers to software packages designed for personal computers and use “outdated” database technology but nevertheless maintained to a high degree of quality. It applies to individual practitioners who use them as a basic organizational tool for their medical practices.

“Networked Software Systems”

Reference is made to our full-blown software systems that run on a network environment and use the "Client – Server” architecture. These systems use state-of-the-art databases such as the Oracle© 10g. They allow full control and provide the maximum reliability for individual firms as well as large Enterprises.

“Anonymous Use”

Anyone can download and use freely and anonymously the single user licenses of our medical software without providing any personal information to EiS.

You should know

The free versions are no longer supported by EiS even if the €50 activation fee has being paid for the personalization of the package. However we invite you to get in touch with us and will try to answer your questions personally. Call us at (+30) 6938 11 33 46 for any questions you might have and introduce yourself for a first acquaintance.