Company Profile

The Company EiS Hellas entered the Chamber of Piraeus, (Greece), in May 2004. The company provides technical support and maintenance for the software systems developed by the Swiss company EiS - Expert Information Systems.

Lefteris Georgiou is responsible for both companies in Switzerland and Greece. The two companies are independent of each other. All software systems are owned by EiS - Expert Information Systems. Due to bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the European Union, the sales of our software systems are distributed in a form of a "Service Contract" and are excluded from the Swiss VAT (7.6%). Maintenance and Support in Greece and Cyprus is through EiS Hellas and taxed at 19%.

EiS Hellas is located in Keratsini 2 km from the port of Piraeus (about 4 minutes drive from the port).

EiS - Expert Information Systems is based in Switzerland. It is located in the city of Birmenstorf, (Baden), in the canton of Aargau and almost 13 km from Zurich.

The very first software license for the Hospitality Sector was installed in Brussels, Belgium in 1995. During our 14 years old presence in the software development business, we have installed our hospitality software in Restaurants in Belgium and Denmark. In 2001 we transferred to our headquarters in Switzerland where we started developing software systems for the health sector specially addressed for Physiotherapy Practices.

Over the past 6 years we have expanded our operations in Greece where in 2004 we installed the first Dental software system Praxis™ in the Personal Health Fund of the National Bank Personnel, (T.Y.P.E.T.).