The Capabilities of Praxis™ 9s

Patient Management

  • Patient Card
  • Patient Medical History
  • Clinical Diagnoses
  • Treatment Plan
  • Prescriptions
  • Patient Communications
  • Visit Schedule History
  • Medical Imagery Management, (X-Rays, Endoscopes, Cameras, etc.)
  • Medical Operations Management
  • Diagnosis Management (adapted for each specialty)

Visit Schedule Management

  • Weekly Visit Scheduler
  • Daily Visit Scheduler
  • Visit Schedule History for each Physician

Accounts Management

  • Patient Invoicing
  • Advance Patient Prepayments
  • Medical Offers

Suppliers and their Products

  • Managing Orders to Suppliers
  • Manage Invoices from Suppliers and Dental Labs

Data Management - Region Specific Data

  • Titles, countries, nationalities, professions, etc.
  • Postal Codes and Cities
  • Communication Templates
  • Invoicing Templates
  • Communication Templates for Suppliers and Orders
  • Medical Treatment Categories and Treatment Tariffs
  • Medications Database

Statistics and Reports

  • Statistics and Reports with detailed charts for the better management of the Medical Practice.

File Security Manager

  • Fast and Secure Database back-up
  • Install and Run Praxis™ even from a Memory Stick